Its Saturday night and your drawing your hearts and minds in for Sunday morning worship, but in the back of your mind your probably wondering “What am we  (my child and I) going to wear for service!” Well have no fear this can be an easy process or a difficult one. For me here is my process…. I like to prepare everything the night before. One thing you can do is lay out your clothes as well as your child’s for Sunday morning service and make sure to pack an “after church bag” just in case you go over someone else’s house. 


Nothing worse then your child running around with their friends in their church clothes and ruining them. To make your mornings easier bathe your child the night before especially if your dealing with a little one because some hate waking up in the morning and make Sunday mornings a little more difficult for you. For me I am a praise and worship singer and I am required to be at my church at 8am for sound check, service is at 10am and we get out at 1:30pm.


 So I am at church from 8am- 1:30pm so thats about five and a half hours similar to my daughter being at school so I have to plan for a five and a half close to a six hour day. Make sure you pack a snack bag especially with children between the ages of 2-6 years old, and it can be a simple snack bag which can consist of two juices, water, a few fruit snacks and a few other of your kids favorites. For the new mothers with newborns make sure you pack all the essentials for your precious bundle of joy, diapers, a few bottles, change of clothes, water, can’t forget the pacifier, baby wipers, onesies, and any other things that you feel might make your child comfortable for a 5-6 hour day. 


After all that is squared away I usually make sure my child’s hair is done if she has braids I like to make sure her scalp is oiled so her hair won’t look dry. If her hair is pressed I will wrap it or if I want curls pin curl her hair, doing this the night before tends to make getting her ready in the morning much easier because I already know what I need to fix and the style I am going for . Now little boys are a completely different story, some may put a cap on their son’s head to smooth his hair down, and some may not it all depends on what you as the parent would like to do. 


My daughter has a bed time for 7:30-8pm (every child won’t go to bed that easy lol) so that she can be well rested for Sunday. I’ve noticed that if your child does not go to bed at a reasonable hour they are very cranky in the morning and through out the day and no one wants to deal with a cranky child lol. Sleep is very important to our little ones because it allows their bodies to develop



Its Sunday morning and your ready to get yourself together and feeling very relaxed because you laid everything out the night before. What I like to do is get myself together first and let my child get a few more hours of sleep before we start our day. So while she is sleeping I will take my shower and double check to make sure everything is laid out how I would like it to be, after that I wake up my child and have her get herself together. 


Once she is fully awake I get her set up with breakfast, oral care, and fixing her hair if anything seems to be out of place. Now parents my suggestion is let your child eat breakfast first before you put on their church clothes so they won’t mess them up. All of this should take about 30 minutes the most if everything is prepared the night before.


While my daughter and I are getting dressed I usually like to play some gospel music to draw my heart and mind in and prepare myself for service. Everyone doesn’t do this or doesn’t have to but it’s just a little something I like do to start my Sunday morning off. Now mom’s it’s time to take care of ourselves since our child/children are all squared away. For us it might take a little longer being that we have our hair, makeup, and making sure our outfits look decent or we are really feeling ourselves lol



Enjoy your Sunday’s with your family ladies! Sunday’s are resting days!



                                                              HAPPY SUNDAY!!